Antimicrobial Resistance [AMR]: 4 – Natural Product Chemical Diversity

The challenge for next-generation antibiotic drug discovery is chemical diversity

With synthetic compound libraries having failed to generate the new leads necessary as the building-blocks for new antibiotics, more and more attention is being paid to natural products as a possible rich source of potential chemical leads that could become next-generation antimicrobial therapeutics

Icelandic Moss [Cetraria islandica] is known to possess bactericidal properties

BioPharm Enterprises is looking into novel ways to explore how active ingredients from natural products, including microbial products, can be identified and isolated for further characterisation using a process known as ‘Ligand-Fishing’

Antimicrobial Resistance [AMR]: 1 – The Problem

Antimicrobial Resistance [AMR]: 2 – The Mechanisms of AMR